DIY Home Improvement Tips: Shower Replacement

Whether you’re looking to upgrade the look and feel for your shower or you just want to make a shower more accessible to people with limited mobility, specialists can design the shower that you’re envisioning. With an array of styles, colors, and additional accessories on the market, your shower can be manufactured to your exact specifications. There’s no need to compromise the safety and functionality of your shower, or the style of your home when you can have a custom shower installed by a professional. With a wide range of shower replacement ideas and products, you won’t have any problem finding a style and a function that work well for your needs.

Shower Replacement – If you’re in the process of renovating your bathroom, replacing an existing shower or installing a new shower enclosure is a good way to make small changes to the room that can make a big impact. The wrong shower enclosure or poorly chosen shower fixtures can make your bathroom look retro rather than modern, but a custom shower enclosure can go a long way towards making a small area shine. Custom shower replacement doors and surrounds provide a streamlined appearance while still ensuring a comfortable fit. Because showers are so essential to the overall appearance of a bathroom, it’s important that you choose something that complements the space and reflects your personal tastes and preferences.

Bath Wraps & Tubs: Another aspect of a bathroom remodel that can make a huge impact is the bathtub and shower replacement. Today’s tubs are designed for more than just relaxing. Many tubs and Jacuzzis now incorporate features like built-in massaging features, contoured back massage, jets, spray effects, and more. Installing a tub and shower replacement can add significant value to any home, but some people prefer to install custom-made bath wraps that can be removed or changed as the years pass by. Custom shower wraps can add a modern, sleek look to a bathroom while still preserving the unique elements that made it a favorite in the first place.

Shower Caulking: While many tubs and Jacuzzis feature standard waterproof rubber caulking, some people prefer shower silicone caulking to keep water out of their vinyl. Shower silicone caulking comes in a variety of different colors and styles. You can even get creative and order custom-made sheets or rolls that match the shower pan you have installed. This allows you to create a seamless transition between the shower pan and shower silicone caulking. Just one example of how this seamless appearance can benefit your bathroom is when a shower door opens to a tub with silicone caulking instead of mortar or grout.

Shower Base And Shower Support: Sometimes a shower replacement is not enough to give you the storage space you desire. If your shower pan or tub needs to be adjusted in size or shape, a shower base and support may be required. A flexible shower base with a rail is a perfect solution for small spaces because it won’t create stress on walls. A flexible shower base with a support system built into it can also provide additional storage space in a small bathroom. For a larger space, such as a Jacuzzi, you may want to consider a shower pan and shower frame attachments.

These are just a few¬† home improvement tips that can improve your bathroom’s functionality. With careful planning and good measurements, you can make any sized change to your bath that will make a dramatic impact without a huge cost to complete. If you’re interested in learning more about bathroom remodeling¬† projects, be sure to check out